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Job Satisfaction Revisited
05 Apr 2010 - 09 Apr 2010
Course directors:
Gerd Grözinger, University of Flensburg, Germany
Wenzel Matiaske, Helmut-Schmidt University, Germany
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Call for papers

Gerd Grözinger, University of Flensburg, and Wenzel Matiaske, Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg

Special Issue

Job Satisfaction Revisited

Work is often more than mere employment. Work can mean participation, give meaning, bring joy. Job satisfaction is therefore not only a sociotechnical parameter that needs to be observed because of its effects and side effects, but is over and above an independent aim of an organisation or a business.

In the special issue and the corresponding seminar, we would like to discuss job satisfaction in an adequately broad and interdisciplinary way. We are particularly interested in questions such as:

- Work conditions are changing, so are the demands on work. Are there new empirical facets of job satisfaction?

- The operationalisation of job satisfaction is considered to be difficult, especially when it is interpreted as an intra- or interindividual process. Survey research hardly takes account of that. We would like to discuss ways and problems of measuring job satisfaction.

- The “fight for joy in work” is associated with the normative views of a good life. Which ethical implications does the construct ‘job satisfaction’ hold?

- Research on job satisfaction goes back to the beginnings of modern social science, economy, as well as sociology. We are interested in the research history of the construct ‘job satisfaction’.

This is not an exhaustive list.


Potential contributors to the workshop at the IUC Dubrovnik (5th - 9th April 2010, are encouraged to contact the guest editors directly with an abstract of 1-2 pages before January 31st. A limited amount of travel grants are available.

Full papers for this special edition of the ‘management revue’ must be with the editors by May 31st 2010. All contributions will be subject to a double-blind review. Papers invited to a ‘revise and resubmit‘ are due September 30th 2010. Please submit your papers electronically to at using as subject ‘management revue’.

Hoping to hear from you

Gerd Grözinger & Wenzel Matiaske


Tu, April 6th

9:30 Wenzel Matiaske (Hamburg)

Introduction: Job Satisfaction Revisited

10:00 Yvonne Ferreira (Darmstadt)

Types of Job Satisfaction The Zurich Model is futurized

11:00 Luke Haywood (Paris)

Too rich to do the dirty work? Job quality, search and wealth

14:00 Alexandra Arnold, Philippe Mahler (Zrich)

Satisfied Employees as Organizational Risk Factors? Effects of Different

Forms of Job Satisfaction and Job Dissatisfaction on Organizational Outcomes

15:00 Solomon Ojo (Ibadan)

Predicting Job Satisfaction across Selected Occupational Types in Nigeria.

The Place of Personality and Socio-economic Factors

16:00 Irina Kozina, Irina Soboleva (Moscow)

Dynamics and Factors of Job Satisfaction in Russian Enterprises: from

Boom to Crisis

We, April 7th

10:00 Andrew E. Clark (Paris)

Work, Jobs, and Well-Being Across the Millennium

11:00 Jan Dettmers, Eva Bamberg, Niklas Friedrich, Tim Vahle-Hinz, Monika

Keller (Hamburg)

On-call work and well-being Moderating effects of personal evaluations

and work characteristics

14:00 Simon Fietze (Hamburg)

Job Satiasfactiion an Personality: SOEP

15:00 Dominik Hanglberger (Lneburg)

Job Satisfaction and flexible working hours arrangements

16:00 Michiel Schoemaker, P. Breman, F.M. van Vliet-de Nooij (Amsterdam)

Call for generation specific HRD

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