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45 | Feminist critical analysis:<BR>Issues of/for feminist ethics

19 May 2003 - 25 May 2003
Course directors:
Daša Duhaček, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Željka Jelavić, Centre for Women's Studies, Zagreb, Croatia
Joanna Regulska, Rutgers University, United States
Course description:
The primary objective of the proposed course is to offer and examine new perceptions, and contradictions around ethical issues, and/or, within feminism. The main focus will be on theoretical analysis and creative dialogues around the paradigms of ethical issues within science and research ethics of care, body and disability, reproductive rights and politics. Some of the questions asked will be: is ethics ''situational, remedial'' or are its principles a matter of principle? Is there, and even more importantly, should there be a feminist ethics? What is ''ethics of care''? Do ethics translate into politics? And, how does politics respond to ethical demands and expectiations? The course is built on the assumption that intellectual dialogue among a diverse body of scholars from different geographical locations will result in better understanding of the ways in which our particular locations within the changing social systems are influencing our own theoretical and political choices.
Course lecturers:
Nadežda Čačinović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Criss Corin, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Daša Duhaček, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Diane Meyer, University of Connecticut, Togo