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9 | Women in the Aftermath of Conflicts

15 May 2008 - 17 May 2008
Conference directors:
Vernona Gilles, University of Toronto, Canada
Durda Knezević, Womens Infoteka, Zagreb, Croatia
Snježana Prijić Samaržija, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Mieke Verloo, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands
Conference description:
A conference will bring together the women in Conflict Zones Network members after a hiatus of 7 years along with other scholars to re-examine some of the issues that we addressed in the late 1990s concerning the effects of gender and militarization on women , men, children and their communities. We will also discuss the relevance of some of these issues in the world today. We will analyse the directions that our research has taken since the workshops that led to these publications. In particular we will examine how how the heightened security paradigm has impacted on militarized conflict and women, the increasingly prevalence of the transitional justice paradigm (c.g. both commisions, reparations programs , tribunals, prosecutions, etc), and its implications for women. In our discussions, we will highlight women's struggles to create the necessary conditions for peace within situations of entrenched violence and militarization, both during armed conflict and in the so-called aftermath (c.g. the situation of femicide in the so-called post period, for example targeted rape, mutilation and killing), and the possibillities for transformative collaboration across the many boarders and boundaries that women confront. A feminist questioning of the so-called "aftermath" of conflict will continue to be central of discussion. We will re-examine what has happened in the two main regions of focus in our previous research- the Balkans and Sri Lanka - and also direct our attention more broadly and in a comparative way to the conflict and post- conflict situations in latin America, Africa and the Middle East