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20 | Science des Textes

03 Oct 2007 - 06 Oct 2007
Course directors:
Mirna Velcic Canivez, University of Lille, France
Andrea Zlatar, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Course description:

The seminar develops an interdisciplinary project devoted to the studies of texts. The analyses take into account methods and results related namely to textlinguistics and philology, hermeneutics and literary theory, semiotics and history. The language of the seminar is French. This is our fifth seminar. Four other sessions were organised in Zagreb and in Dubrovnik : Le tmoin dans le texte (Filozofski fakultet, 21-25 avril 2003), Parler de soi (Filozofski fakultet, 2-8 octobre 2004), Le texte et le commentaire (Dubrovnik IUC, 28-2 September 2005), Le texte et le commentaire (Dubrovnik IUC, 27 September- 1st October 2006).

The theme of this session is the act of interpretation related to different types of academic discourse within the disciplines such as linguistics, pragmatics, literary theory, philosophy. It is focussed on the following question : what do we do when we say that we interpret an utterance, a poem, a piece of dialogue, a philosophical text, a historical document, a photography or even an example of a comic strip ?
The communications and the discussions will focus on four sub-topics :

a) The interpretation implies a connection between the interpreter and his object of interpretation and, at the same time, a sort of distancing.
b) The act of interpretation is the activity of an interpreter.
c) The act of interpretation is a result of a certain competence.
d) The act of interpretation implies a change of language, a transition from the language which constitutes the object of interpretation to the language of interpretation itself.

During the seminar, there will be two communications in the morning and two workshops in the afternoon (when students present their research).