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62 | Family Planning and Reproductive Health

07 Sep 2008 - 14 Sep 2008
Course directors:
Natwar Raj Kalla, University of Punjab, India
Inon Schenker, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Visnja Skerk, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Mihael Slerčev, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Hrvoje Vrci, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Joško Zekan, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Course description:
This will be the sixth course dealing with the family planning and reproductive health. Family planning is a fundamental human right that grants each individual the right to freely choose their partner, the number of children and spacing between them, to freely choose the way to achieve a satisfying and safe sexual life, and to make all other fundamental choices in life. It is not only a social achievement but also a professional achievement in improving the health of women, men, and their children. The intention of the course is to address the contemporary medical, social, legal and other dilemmas in the field of population education, education for responsible parenthood, reproductive health promotion and strengthening the implementation of preventive reproductive health-care programmes. Innovative and multidisciplinary programmes are needed to provide for health needs of young people.
The 2007 course, which have the format of a school and an open conference, focuses upon new challenges for family planning and reproductive health in the society in transition.