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32 | Divided societies: conflict and security

22 Apr 2003 - 02 May 2003
Course directors:
Heribert Adam, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
Saša Božić, University of Zadar, Croatia
Kevin Deegan Krause, Wayne State University, United States
Otto Feinstein, Wayne State University, United States
Silva Mežnarić, University of Split, Croatia
Kogila Moodley, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Aleksandar Štulhofer, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Mitja Žagar, Institute for Ethnic Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Course description:
The problems of divided societies are often treated as inseparable from problems of security , but the relationship between the two is far more complicated and must be reconsidered. The introductory part of the course will ask what ''security'' actually means in the 21st century and explore the meaning of the concept in the context of divided societies. The workshops and lectures that follow will deal with perceived security issues beyond the narrow ''international security'' concept, including questions of political, societal, ecological, military and state security in relation to existing conflicts. Other lectures and workshops will examine the socio-psychological aspects of (in) security in conflicts and methods for rebuilding of trust in conflictual situations.
This IUC event is supported through a grant from Friedrich Naumann Stiftung.