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21a | Organizational Theory: Contemporary Perspectives

26 Mar 2007 - 30 Mar 2007
Course directors:
Wenzel Matiaske, Helmut-Schmidt University, Germany
Course description:
Organizational theory is on the one hand a field of specialist who want to explain the actions of individual and collective actors. But there are a lot of fundamental questions which are open, and there are different research programmes and conflicting paradigms. There are old issues about action vs. behaviour, explanation vs. an operation called "Verstehen", micro- v. macro-approaches, and there are new queries about culture and organization, issues about constitutionalising (inter-, trans- and supranational governmental and non governmental organizations), problems with the state as an organization above and among (and now even below) other organizations or with the reality of transnational administration and organization on different levels. Most of the problems in our present world have directly or indirectly to do with an obscure phenomenon called "globalization", and science is to make obscure things clear - even if the side effect is that they will become even more obscure. To cope with the growing amount of problems like the just mentioned ones, it needs not only specialists in a single field but also, first the discussion between different special fields (interdisciplinarity), and second the work of generalists who are always already switching between different special fields. Therefore economists, sociologists, jurists, cultural studies or psychologists and last but not least philosophers are welcomed to contribute to our course. One main concern of our first meeting end of march 2007 will be: Organization and organizational theory in a global society.