Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

An independent international centre for advanced studies

25 | Balkan identity and its future within Europe

22 Nov 2002 - 27 Nov 2002
Course directors:
Wendy Bracewell, Centre for the South-East European Studies, London, United Kingdom
Zagorka Golubović, Alternative Academic Educational Network, Belgrade, Serbia
George McLean, Center for Research of Philosophy and Values, Togo
Course description:
A dialogue will be organized around the following issues: the place of the Balkans within Europe and its specific identity; what are the images and stereotypes of the Balkans; the processes in the Balkan countries of transition; the Ottoman and Oriental legasy of the Balkans; inter-ethic relations and conflicts in the Balkans; the phenomenon of ''periferial capitalisam''; ''Balkanization'' and ''Westernization'', Balkan Politics and international relations; the future of multiculturalism in the Balkans.
Course lecturers:
Stasa Babic, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
Ivo Banac, Yale University, United States
Robert Hayes, University of Southern California, United States
Constantin Jordahi, N/A, N/A
Nenad Miščević, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Slobodan Naumovic, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
Penelope Papailias, N/A, N/A
Vukmir Vlasic, Tulane University, United States
Susan Woodwarth, The Brookings Institute, United States