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43 | Social Work With Children And Youth

10 Jun 2007 - 16 Jun 2007
Course directors:
Jean Gervais, University of Hull, United Kingdom
Dada M. Maglajlic, Bemidji State University, United States
Martin Masar, Youth Connect University, Colorado, N/A
Torill Tjelflaat, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway
Course description:
Participants examine the implementation of the UN convention of the rights of children (specifically articles 19, and 34-38), and related documents. Equal attention is given to all age subgroups, with special reference to policy and planning, as well as to different facets of SW theory and practice. Growing violence all over the world calls for our exploration and action. Children experience violence before they are born and right after it. It is omnipresent: we find it within the family, school/s, in the streets (neighborhoods and communities), media, in the most intimate relationships. Participants will continue to explore violence at the child/young person, family, peers group, and society level, looking at its etiology and phenomena, possible prevention, and different interventions.