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51 | "Muradif Kulenovi&#263;" School of Balint Method<br>Patient at cardiovascular risk: Balint approach

05 Jun 2006 - 09 Jun 2006
Course directors:
Sanja Blazenković-Milaković, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Marie-Anne Puel, University of Paris, France
Stanka Stojanovic-Spehar, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Heather Suckling, University of London, United Kingdom
Course description:
Cardiovascular disease is an important health problem. As early as 1939, Franz Alexander suggested that the repression of anger is associated with chronic elevations in blood pressure and ultimately with essential hypertension. Yet anger once again became largely ignored as coronary-prone behaviour. Recent findings: stress-related changes in haemostasis and infections/inflammation may constitute important pathways that link vital exhaustion with cardiovascular disease. Other findings suggest: psychosocial risk factors like low socio-economic status, chronic family or work stress, social isolation, negative emotions (e.g., chronic depression or acute anxiety), and negative personality patterns such as Type-D-pattern or hostility, may contribute significantly to the development and adverse outcome of coronary heart disease. That is the reason to underline the importance of a comprehensive diagnostic approach to such problems in everyday work of medical professionals.
This course will provide an opportunity to explore these ideas and demonstrate to participants how reflecting on their interactions with patients can help them to reach a deeper understanding of their patients and their needs. This will be of benefit to both patients and doctors.