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War, Politics and Ideology
05 Sep 2022 - 09 Sep 2022
ECTS points
Course directors:
Goran Gretić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Zoran Kurelić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Wolfgang Heuer, Free University of Berlin, Germany
Vlasta Jalušič, Peace Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Waltraud Meints-Stender, University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein, Germany
Cristina Sánchez, Autonomus University of Madrid, Spain
Course description:

Thirty years ago the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina erupted, which had far-reaching consequences for  the region, Europe, and the post-1989 world. At the time, one believed that such a thing could not happen again “in Europe”. With Russia's attack on Ukraine and the destructive war waged by this nuclear power, all political, legal and moral standards developed after World War II in favor of a humane world order are at stake: international law, human rights, the non-use of weapons of mass destruction and the slogan "never again". The course offers the opportunity to examine processes of political, social and military transformation in Europe. Participants will reflect on similarities and differences with historical events,  discuss issues of diplomacy, peace politics and the role of truth, lies and propaganda, and, among other things, rethink  the importance of strong civil society and its virtues.

ECTS requirements
Presentation of a paper