Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

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20 Jun 2005 - 25 Jun 2005
Course directors:
Ognjen Čaldarović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Stanford M. Lyman, Florida Atlantic University, United States
Gerald J. Massey, University of Pittsburgh, United States
Davorka Matić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Mojca Novak, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Arthur J. Vidich, New School for Social Research, New York, N/A
Course description:
In the years since the Cold War ended, justice - in its distributive, juridical, and everyday life senses -has emerged as a major world issue. We propose a course to examine the quest fur social justice in each of its multifaceted formations: as a problem in institutional design and/or procedure in post-communist societies; as a structural problem determined by the opportunities for and barriers to social mobility; as a fundamental issue in the establishment of Euro-citizenship; and as a concern in the daily lives through identity dynamics and interpersonal relations. The papers and discussions in the course will range from the macrosocietal to the mezzosocial to the micro sociological - focusing on social justice, its modes, processes and realization. The course will encompass a broad range of research strategies.
Course Topics
1. lnstitutional Roles and Problems of Justice in Transitional Societies
2. Social Justice and Social Mobility
3. Socio-cultural lntegration as a 'Trans-national lssues: The Case of Euro-citizenship
4. Old and New ldentit1es and (In)Just1ces 1n Everyday Life

Work Schedule
-The course is conducted five days per week, with morning and afternoon sessions. Its pattern will however remain flexible and will be determined by a specific requirement of the course.
- The course is offered on the postgraduate level but the participation of any advanced or motivated student is welcomed.
-On request the IUC will issues the Certificat of Attendance. The IUC will also provide a special certificate for which, as a rule, the presentation of a paper will have been expected.

Course lecturers:
Nenad Fanuko, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Vjeran Katunarić, University of Zadar, Croatia
Reinhard Kreckel, Erlangen University, Germany, Germany
Georgy Lengel, University of Budapest, Hungary
Vesna Pusić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Duško Sekulić, Adelaide, N/A
Norman Stockman, University of Aberdeen, Nigeria