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09 May 2005 - 21 May 2005
Course directors:
Dick Daniel Taver`Shima Andzenge, St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, United States
Gerd Ferdinand Kirchhoff, O P Jindal Global University, India
Marianne Lschnig, University of Graz, Austria
Zvonimir Paul Šeparović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Elmar G. M. Weitekamp, University of Tübingen, Germany
Course description:
This course provides a thorough theoretical base of victimology as a
social science. On this base it develops a body of knowledge about the
victim, the victim's reaction and the reaction of the social
environment. It looks at formal and informal rections. It describes,
analyses and explains programs of victim assistance. It covers the role
of the victim in criminal justice systems, with a special emphasis on
restitution, compensation and mediation. It introduces into restorative
justice. The course covers the activities of the UN as they influence
worldwide social politics. Faculty members from different countries
provide insights into their scientific orientation and into current
research projects. Participants learn victimology as a social science as
it represents itself in current research, in established practical
projects and in worldwide political actions. Participants will be
exposed to about 15 internationally renowned faculty members and will
work through 30 different lectures . Partcipants contribute by giving
a short oral presentation on a topic of their choice relevant to the
course content.