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Focus on Psychological First Aid and Resilience
12 May 2021 - 15 May 2021
Course directors:
Marija Kušan Jukić, Teaching Institute of Public Health „Andrija Štampar“ Zagreb, Croatia
Danijela Štimac Grbić, Croatian Institute of Public Health, Zagreb, Croatia
Marija Jevtić, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Marija Kušan Jukić, Teaching Institute of Public Health „Andrija Štampar“ Zagreb, Croatia
Vesna Švab, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Course description:

Mental health is related to psychological well-being of individual, their family as well as the community as a whole. This course covers the promotion of mental health, and prevention of mental disorder form the perspective of public health. The main topic of this year's course will be psychological first aid and resilience. People who experience major adverse events, such as earthquake or infectious disease outbreak, as well as major personal trauma can react with emotional distress with the consequences of short term or long-term mental health problems. Timely organizing mental health support in a form of psychological first aid early interventions can reduce the intensity of distress reaction caused by traumatic event, promote resilience, and in that way be preventive for development of mental health problems in the future. The model  of  first  aid  programmes and  interventions  to  promote  resilience   will  be discussed  during the  Course.

Course lecturers:
Slađana Štrkalj Ivezić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Ivan Urlić, University of Split, Croatia
Hugo Koetsier, Trimbos Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands
Mirjana Orban, Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health , Croatia
Johan Bilsen, Vrije University Brussel, Belgium