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Philosophy and Philosophy of Science Philosophy and Philosophy of Science


31 May 2021 - 04 Jun 2021
ECTS points
Course directors:
Michael Watkins, Auburn University, United States
Boran Berčić, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Course description:

We will work on the central issues in the contemporary metaphysics: the nature of existence; realism and antirealism in general; problems of diacronic and syncronic identity; persistence through time: endurantism and perdurantism; realism and nominalism about the universals; the nature of substance; the nature of abstract entities; presentism and eternalism; actualism and possibilism; the nature of causation; compatibilism and incompatibilism about the free will; reductionism, antireductionism and eliminativism in general; material constitution; secondary properties; dispositionalism; problems of metametaphysics; etc.


Lecturers: Elisa Paganini, John Hanry Taylor, Sam Coleman, David Pitt, Maria Sekatskaya, Mark Balaguer, Marian David, Howard Hewitt, Tadeusz Cieciersky, Michael Watkins, Boran Berčić, Filip Čeč, Marin Biondić, Ljudevit Hanžek, Dušan Dožudić.



ECTS requirements
Presenting a paper in a student section or attendance only.