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24 | PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE / 31st James McAllister, University of Leiden

11 Apr 2005 - 16 Apr 2005
Course directors:
Lars Bergström, Stockholm University, Sweden
James Robert Brown, University of Toronto, Canada
David Davies, McGill University, Canada
Michel Ghins, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Wladyslaw Krajewski, University of Warsaw, Poland
Elena Mamchur, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
James McAllister, University of Leiden, Netherlands
Zvonimir Šikić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Course description:
1. Explanation, Understanding and Justification
2. Ethnics and Politics of Science
3. Special Sciences: Biology, Geology, Chemistry
This years main topic is Explanation, Understanding and
Justification in science. The course thus links important goals of
science with the traditional themes of general philosophy, in particular
epistemology. The topic of justification has been discussed relatively
rarely in the philosophy of science, mostly in relation to so called
"context of justification", but it is seen as central in
epistemology. The course will offer an opportunity for a "rapprochement"
between the two.
The second topic is Ethics and politics of science. This is one of the
hottest issues in the debates about science nowadays, and has been in
the focus of the course since the days of Ivan Supek. We expect new and
interesting contributions.