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22 Jun 2020 - 26 Jun 2020
Conference directors:
Gordana Matić, University of Georgia, United States
Joanna Nelson, Rice University, United States
Andy Wand, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Thomas Mark, University of Virginia, United States
Chris Wendl, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
Conference description:

The study of smooth, contact, and symplectic topology in low-dimensions was transformed in the 1980’s by work of Gromov using pseudo-holomorphic curves to study symplectic structures, and by Donaldson's use of moduli spaces of Yang-Mills instantons to study smooth 4-manifolds. The following decades have seen many spectacular results arise from deep connections made between these approaches by, among others, Eliashberg, Floer, Giroux, Fintushel-Stern, Gompf, Kronheimer-Mrowka, Ozsváth-Szabó, Taubes and Witten.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together a diverse range of experts and early-career researchers working in in a variety of aspects of the study of holomorphic curves and their applications to low-dimensional topology. Points of focus will include contact and symplectic structures and dynamics, Lagrangian cobordisms and Legendrian knots, and Floer–theoretic frameworks of study.

The workshop will have a strong contingent of early-career researchers, and this will be reflected in the format of talks, which will include many short talks. There will also be discussion sessions scheduled throughout the week.

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