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Lessons from its Past; Reflections on the future of social economy and self managed work
02 Jun 2014 - 04 Jun 2014
Conference directors:
Henning Salling-Olesen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Gabriele Herbert, International Institute for Selfmanagement, Frankfurt, Germany
Michael Howard, University of Maine, United States
Len Krimerman, University of Connecticut, Togo
Conference description:

The conference will reconsider some of the main initiatives of worker and community self-management in the past, and reflect on the future potential of these and other emerging forms of self-management, including the experiences from the former Yugoslavia self management system, large scale cooperatives like Mondragon, workers-owned entreprises, and new developments in social entrepeneurship. The conference shall enable a discussion about the theoretical ground for social economy and self-managed work, and a reflection on the potential for economic reform of ongoing initiatives in their different societal contexts. Reports from both practitioners and reseachers from a variety of countries in Europe, USA and Latin America will be presented and discussed.