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International Conference: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Space and Time
28 Apr 2014 - 30 Apr 2014
Conference directors:
Anita Sujoldžić, Institute of Anthropological Research Zagreb, Croatia
Iwar Werlen, University of Bern, Switzerland
Rosita Schjerve-Rindler, University of Vienna, Austria
Conference description:

The 3rd LINEE+ conference is an established biannual event that provides an influential international forum for discussion on theory and practice in research of multilingualism and wider issues of linguistic and cultural diversity. It builds on the successes of 1st LINEE (2010) and 2nd LINEE (2012) Conferences held in Dubrovnik by continuous rethinking of linguistic and cultural diversity and extending the debates in new, interdisciplinary directions. The wide range of topics will include (but are not limited to) both contemporary and historical research on multilingualism in everyday and institutional settings in urban or provincial areas, as well as issues related to citizenship, cultural identity, globalization and mobility, education and socialization, cultural and linguistic translation, linguistic landscapes and new literacies, and language and cultural policy. The conference aims to attract a wide ranging mix of international researchers of various disciplinary backgrounds, policy makers, language professionals and other stakeholders in order to share their research insights, discuss diversity from various disciplinary approaches (linguistics, anthropology, psychology, economy, cultural studies, history, philosophy, etc.), and to propose new interdisciplinary perspectives in research on linguistic and cultural diversity.

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