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06 Aug 2012 - 10 Aug 2012
Conference directors:
Pavao Rudan, Institute for Anthropological Research, Croatia
Richard Villems, University of Tartu, Estonia
Conference description:

Main topics of this meeting cover several subject areas of anthropology, primarily linked in studying geographically, culturally and/or linguistically isolated populations as well as other target populations: population structure, migrations and mobility, genetic drift and reproductive isolated populations, genetic epidemiology, biological and socio-cultural features, statistical methods in analyses of molecular genetics and socio-cultural variables.

Main purpose of this meeting is integration and intertwinement of the work of anthropologists, specialised in particular anthropological disciplines from the fields of humanistic, social, natural and biomedical sciences. Their aim is the research of human diversity in space and time using the complementary analyses of genes, cultures, cognitive abilities, language and social systems of former and existing human populations. The anthropological researches of target populations are the most relevant source of findings on demographic processes, migrations and mobility of the population from the earliest history until today that, due to insufficient or non-existing sources, dodge historical and other humanistic and social sciences. Research on mentioned populations proves to be particularly important in studying and understanding of these issues.

Conference lecturers:
Pavao Rudan, Institute for Anthropological Research, Croatia