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22 Sep 2011 - 23 Sep 2011
Conference directors:
Boris Tihi, Academy of Science and Art of Bosnia and Hercegovina (ANUBiH), Bosnia and Herzegovina
Muris Čičić, Academy of Science and Art of Bosnia and Hercegovina (ANUBiH), Bosnia and Herzegovina
Zvonimir Baletić, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Croatia
Stefano Bianchini, University of Bologna, Italy
Conference description:

Ever since its estabilisment, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina has paid a particular attention to regional science, regional aspects of development, and regional cooperation.

The main conference topic is Regional Cooperation in Europe: Opportunity for the Balkans.This topic sublimates and reflects European and regional principles and concepts related to the significante of regional cooperation in the EU accession prosess. The Conference is open to all the issues of regional science, regional development theory and policy, cooperation, cohesion, institutions, financing, integratin, education.

Significance of the topic for candidate or potential candidate countries derives, among other things, from the task to determine statistical or NUTS regions in line with relevant provisions on estabilishing the common classification of theoterical units for statictics, to ensure utilization of IPA founds, participation in transborder programmes, to participate in EU strategies for the Danube region, to redefine strategies of the existing and potential Euro-regions in this area, implement the Prevision on European Grouping and Territorial Cooperation (EGTC), to implement European Convention on Trans-Border Cooperation, European Charter on Local and Regional Self-Menagement, declaration on regionalism, on proper local and regional governance, European Charter on Border and Trans-Border Regions, provisions on financing regional development and achievnig regional development goals ( convergencess, employment and teritorial cooperation), to coordinate these processes

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