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28 Sep 2020 - 30 Sep 2020
Conference directors:
Haris Boko, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, Zagreb, Croatia
James Ming Chen, University of Michigan, United States
Siniša Petrović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Jurica Šimurina, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Conference description:

Quite infrequently technical, economic and legal experts come together to discuss energy, even though energy is codependent on regulatory framework, economic feasibility and technical viability. Moreover, in addition of being the principal subjest of the global security, energy has facilitated amalgamation of Europe, and it seems that under current turbulences, energy is once again the trailblazer of the European concept.

Having in mind the importance of the climate change as well as the necessity to provide sustainable development for all, the Energy in transition conference will provide the feedbeck on contemporary develoments and the outlook regarding renewable energy, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and smart technologies to improve quality of life and global security.

Conference lecturers:
Goran Slipac, Hep-Gas supply Ltd., Croatia
Tomislav Galjanić, EUbusiness, Croatia
Haris Boko, EUbusiness, Croatia
Jurica Šimurina, University of Zagreb, Croatia