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Social and Cultural Mechanisms behind Innovation
05 May 2020 - 07 May 2020
Conference directors:
Jasminka Lažnjak, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Manuel Fernandez – Esquinas, Institute for Advanced Social Studies (IESA - CSIC), Spain
Conference description:

Innovation is one of the fundamental social processes of our times. It is one of the main drivers of social change with an important effect on economic growth and development. Innovation is also a cultural feature that shapes the character of contemporary societies as oriented to a particular kind of social change based on the constant generation, utilization and diffusion of knowledge.

As a result of the importance of innovation, social sciences pay special interest to the different relationship between innovation, social transformation and social welfare. An interdisciplinary effort is needed to refine conceptual background and empirical evidence in order to develop systematic approaches and to apply the existing research to the contexts of practice. This conference will explore the theoretical traditions, conceptual components and empirical approaches from sociological perspectives that are useful for understanding innovation practices, innovation systems and the social processes of innovation.

The aim of the conference is to put together a group of scholars who are working on the main lines of sociological thinking about innovation in order to create a forum that help to systematize relevant perspectives and make them more accessible to the interdisciplinary field of innovation studies.