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Developing Skills Essential for Data Management, Knowledge Exchange and Communication with Stakeholders
21 Sep 2020 - 26 Sep 2020
Course directors:
Vladimir Mrljak, University of Zagreb, Croatia
David Eckersall, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Course description:

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was gain the Horizon 2020 project "Joint Doctorate in Molecular Animal Nutrition" in the frame of Marie Sklodowska-Curie action together with 5 universities (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom; Universita Degli Studi Di Milano, Italy; Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat Bonn, Germany; Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona, Spain; and Univerzita Veterinarskeho Lekarstva a Farmacie v Kosiciah, Slovacia). In addition to the aforementioned universities, in the project is involved 9 private companies and three public institutes from 8 European countries. The coordinator of the project is Professor David Eckersall, University of Glasgow, and the representative of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb is Professor Vladimir Mrljak.

The main aims of the project is (1) to develop an Elite European School to train early stage researchers (ESR) in OMIC technologies applied to animal nutrition and the influence of innovative feed additives on animal nutrition; (2) to evaluate the influence of innovative feed additives on animal production, and (3) to deliver double doctoral (PhD) degrees in a multidisciplinary and multi- sectoral network to develop a generation of internationally equipped scientists for the global workplace.

The objectives of the project will be achieved by co-supervising each of 11 ESRs with two Beneficiary Universities and non-academic participant. They will work on integrated innovative research projects, designed to investigate the effects of anti-oxidants, microRNA, exosomes, methionine, lipids and plant derived anti-inflammatories in livestock diets on growth, intestinal health and systemic metabolism which will be assessed by integrating transcriptomic, microbiomic, proteomic and metabolomics approaches in both in vivo and in vitro models. All will contribute to training by including ESR in their working team, and providing lectures and training sessions in Summer Schools and workshops which will reinforce the graduate programmes of each University.

The project envisages three summer schools. The second year of the project provides for the summer school organized by the University of Zagreb with the theme “Summer School in Essential Management Skills and Media Communication”. During the Summer School will be presented scientific dissemination among the scientific community (How to write and review a scientific paper (All the participant Editors of Scientific journals), meeting presentations (oral and posters)), and scientific dissemination and communication among public consumers and stakeholders (The basis of the scientific communication, how to translate scientific topic into consumer (and/or non-scientific stakeholders) understandable communication/strategy).

The Contact person:

Professor Vladimir Mrljak, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Professor David Eckersall, University of Glasgow, UK

All the costs for the Summer School will be covered by the MANNA project.