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Earth and Sustainability Earth and Sustainability


14 Oct 2019 - 19 Oct 2019
Course directors:
Vječislav Bohanek, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Roman Dychkovskyi, Dnipro University of Technology, Ukraine
Nikolas August Sifferlinger, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria
Course description:

The Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining school brings together international experts in the field of raw materials in the heart of the ESEE Region. Within the thematic workshops and project work the focus lies on direct knowledge transfer from renowned experts to the participants, but also the creation of an open dialogue between graduate students, scholars, researchers, the industry and the wider society. Focussing on recent developments within the mining industry and the development of the mining sector, our program aims at transferring newfound, innovative theoretical knowledge, tested in practice, to our participants. Furthermore, wider general education on topics of mining and processing and especially the improvement of mining techniques, resulting in a lower environmental impact, help gain wider societal acceptance of raw material extraction and processing. In the long run, the program will lead to an increase in sustainable mining and processing activities, which will result in economic growth and the creation of employment in respective countries. Under the 2019 topic Small mining sites – Innovation in mining DIM ESEE project partners will discuss future and innovation potential for small and intermediate size deposits, currently representing vast majority of the European and the ESEE mining industry.

It is possible to obtain altogether 2+2 ECTS credits for participation in this course. First, one can obtain 2 ECTS credits for attending the 5-day course in Dubrovnik or for attending the online course 2017 or 2018, consisting of recorded lectures and teaching materials from the school. For attending either DIM ESEE course in Dubrovnik or online course, it is necessary to register via registration form on the school website and pay the tuition fee. Additional 2 ECTS credits can be awarded to the participants who write seminar paper tutored by some of the school lecturers.

Course lecturers:
Imre Gombkötő, EIT Raw Materials, Germany
Markus Klein, EIT Raw Materials, Germany
Kateryna Sergieieva, Dnipro University of Technology, Ukraine
Peter Blistan, Tehnical University of Košice, Slovakia
Nikolas August Sifferlinger, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria
Zlatko Briševac, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Hanno Bertignoll, EIT Raw Materials, Germany
Kostiantyn Hanushevych, Dnipro University of Technology, Ukraine
Iliya Garkov, Dundee Precious Metals, Bulgaria
Pawel Kawalec, Kawalec Consulting GmbH, N/A
László Ézsiás, Colas Északkő KFT, Hungary
Botond Kertész, Colas Északkő KFT, Hungary
Eleni Despotou, European Lime Association, Belgium
Mario Zečić, Holcim Croatia, Croatia
Roman Dychkovskyi, Dnipro University of Technology, Ukraine
Anamarija Grbeš, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Manuel Labrador Ortega, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria
Mark Loveitt, International Wrought Copper Council, United Kingdom
Patrick Nadoll, EIT Raw Materials, Germany
Igor Podravac, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Bernard Respaut, European Copper Institute, Belgium
Pero Ruso, Colas Hrvatska d.o.o., Croatia
Kateryna Sergeieva, Dnipro University of Technology, Ukraine
Peter Shishkov, University of Mining and Geology St Ivan Rilski, Bulgaria
Aurela Shtiza, The Industrial Minerals Association, Belgium
Nadezhda Stoycheva, University of Mining and Geology St Ivan Rilski, Bulgaria
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