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WITEA-ID (Weeks of International Teaching – Inclusive and Digital)

WITEA-ID (Weeks of International Teaching – Inclusive and Digital)  - an EU project in which IUC took part is completed.


We are happy to report that final and permanent value of the project – an e-Toolkit is created and would remain permanently available. This scientific cooperation mobility e-toolkit is a special online interactive educational platform focusing on improving teaching and learning competencies for international mobility. It is a multi-functional space, an open-access online resource facility designed to improve the international mobility competencies of educators and students in Higher Education. It is designed to yield both immediate and long-term outputs. The toolkit focuses on Ethics, Communication, Digital and Learning Strategies as well as on the important competencies throughout the mobility process. The main language is English, but the toolkit itself was also translated into the partner’s languages as French, Greek, Croatian, German and Czech. It is advisable to use the toolkit before, during and after mobility, since it can provide useful tips throughout the whole mobility process.


The IUC was a partner in the project and contributed with its knowledge of internationalization in higher education as well as with its connections among member universities.  A final dissemination workshop ENHANCING 4 IN'S: Inclusion, Interaction, Innovation in Internationalization took place in Dubrovnik from 29 to 31 March 2023. This seminar has presented results from the WITEA-ID project and also shared examples and experiences of innovative practices in international higher education communication as well as knowledge and ideas about digital teaching in an international environment.