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The Relevance of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto

Our partners, World Academy of Arts and Sciences has organized an online conference on "The Relevance of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto"

The concept behind this event is that exactly 65 years later, the message of the Manifesto is as relevant today as it was when it was issued. The scourge of weapons of mass destruction and war still threaten us; but the crises confronting humanity have multiplied exponentially in number, intensity, complexity, and impact on human security. Infectious diseases, hunger and poverty, unemployment and inequality, financial instability and economic uncertainty, the retreat from democracy, the reversion to competitive nationalism, and the overarching threat of climate change loom larger than ever. They are magnified by the vacuum in global leadership and a loss of trust and confidence in national and international institutions.

The sense of urgency, appeal to human conscience, and universal values that reverberate through their Manifesto powerfully echo the needs of our time. The challenges we confront may be greater, but so too are our collective knowledge and capacity for an effective global response. The voice of science, the aspirations of youth, the just demand for human rights, the sanity of human wisdom, and the resourcefulness of human creativity compel us to call with renewed resolve for unprecedented steps to replace the failed doctrines and policies that have brought the world to its present state.

The Russell-Einstein Manifesto led directly to the establishment of Pugwash Conferences in 1957 and the founding of the World Academy of Art and Science in 1960. It has also inspired the work of a great many institutions dedicated to a better common future for all, Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik included.


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Russel-Einstien Manifesto can be downloaded here


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