Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

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Professor Siegfried Korninger

Professor Siegfried Korninger (19252006) was Director General of the Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik from 1977 to 1987. It was with the greatest engagement and dedication that he governed this international institution in the rather difficult times of the Cold War. His wisdom and strength when dealing in particular with issues regarding the institution's independence and its complete openness in defense of academic freedom, were most valuable. Professor Korninger was greatly appreciated by all partners and associates because of his most humane and gentle way of communication. All who had the privilege of working with him in different IUC matters were inspired by his deep understanding of the IUC mission and its position as free-haven for scholalry exchange.

Even after leaving the office of the centre's director he remained in touch and followed the centre's development with keen interest. Dubrovnik, where he spent much time in the years of his mandate, was a place he loved and whose traditions he greatly respected.

The IUC owes him deep gratitude for all his input and all his friendship.