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Proceedings from the Feminisms in a Transnational Perspective course have been published by Orientale University Press of Naples

Proceedings that came out from IUC  Feminisms in a Transnational Perspective programme which was held in 2013 and 2018 have been published by Orientale University Press of Naples. This is the result of the close collaboration between the University of Naples L'Orientale and the organizers and participants of Feminisms in a Transnational Perspective course.



A Feminist Critique of Knowledge Production 

This volume features 15 essays that envision a feminist critique of the production of knowledge that contributes today, intentionally or not, to new forms of discrimination, hierarchy control, and exclusion.

Opposing the scepticism towards the viability of Humanities and Social Sciences in the era of 'banking education', 'marketability' and the so-called technological rationalization, these essays inquire into teaching practices of non-institutional education and activism.

They practice methodological diversions of feminist intervention into Black studies, Childhood studies, Heritage studies, Visual studies, and studies of Literature. They venture into different research possibilities such as queering Eurocentric archives and histories.


Disrupting Historicity, Reclaiming the Future 

The contributions presented in this volume use different conceptual approaches to theory, history and cultural texts, and to women's lives, experiences and legacies, in order to offer their re-visions of the past and their prospects of the future as an act of feminist responsibility.