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Memorial plaque in honour of Kathleen V. Wilkes

Presentation of the memorial plaque in honour of Kathleen Wilkes was held on 1 February at 10.00, in Dubrovnik, in front of the church of St. George in Pile area (sv. Đurđe), in the organisation of City of Dubrovnik.

On this occasion Dubrovnik Mayor, Mr. Andro Vlahusic and the Chair of the City council Ms. Olga Muratti expressed their thanks to Prof. Wilkes for her dedicated help to Dubrovnik during the war period in 1991 when she refused to leave the city and used her many connections to inform the world about war damages. She dispatched to the world a number of reports from Dubrovnik. One of her many accounts, Dubrovnik: Lead upon Gold, was published in Oxford Magazine in 1992. Ms. Flora Turner, President of British-Croatian Society from London talked about Kathy's determination to help the wounded city with no regard for her personal safety. For her merits, Kathleen Wilkes was awarded an honorary citizen of Dubrovnik in 1993.

Prof. Krunoslav Pisk, IUC Director general especially mentioned Kathy Wilkes efforts to act in the society through her profession, bringing together philosophers from eastern and western block which eventually led her to the IUC.

Professor Wilkes taught philosophy of science, especially brain and behavioural sciences, ancient philosophy, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion at St. Hildas College, Oxford University.

At the IUC, she played a key role in many of the centres academic programmes and especially in the course Philosophy of Science, held every year since its initiation. This course has been and still is one of the most prominent in the IUC course series.

Kathy Wilkes had an outstanding role in promoting the general operation of the IUC. She served as a very active and innovative Chair of its Executive Committee in the period 1988-96, and she was always at hand to give advice and to make use of her rich network of contacts with prominent scholars and sources of financing to keep the IUC going.

The memorial plaque in Dubrovnik was initiated by Ms. Berta Dragičević, longstanding Executive Secretary of the IUC and former Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mr. Pero Poljanić and unanimously accepted by the current City council. It will always cherish a memory on Kathy Wilkes.