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Indian Days in Dubrovnik

Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik is happy to announce the second edition of "Indian Days in Dubrovnik" which will be held from 11 - 13 March 2024 in organisation of the Embassy of India, Zagreb.


These events will present culture and conversations inspired by India and a chess tournament and have been done in partnership of the Croatian-Indian Friendship Society Dubrovnik, the City and University of Dubrovnik, the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik, the Croatian Chess Federation and the Embassy of India in Zagreb.



11 March (6:00 PM - 7:30 PM)

Opening of the “Days of India in Dubrovnik”

Mato Franković, Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik

Raj Kumar Srivastava, Ambassador of India to the Republic of Croatia

Croatian-Indian Friendship Society Dubrovnik

Ivo Orlić, an independent researcher: "Connecting science and spirituality ".

LOCATION: Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC), Don Frana Bulića 4, Ivan Supek Conference Hall


12 March (12:00 PM - 5:00 PM)

"Chess Lovers Tournament" organised by the Embassy of India in Zagreb in cooperation with the Croatian Chess Federation and the University of Dubrovnik, with the aim of strengthening interpersonal ties through sport.

LOCATION: UNIDU, Akademis, Marka Marojice 3


12 March (6:00 PM - 7:30 PM)

 "Evening of Indian music" with jazz maestro Zoran Majstorović

LOCATION: Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC), Don Frana Bulića 4, Ivan Supek Conference Hall


13 March (6:00 PM - 7:30 PM)

"An evening of Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda"

LOCATION: Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC), Don Frana Bulića 4, Ivan Supek Conference Hall


Entrance to all events is free of charge.



Chess (Chaturanga) originates from India, and the chess tournament will be organised for the citizens of Dubrovnik in partnership with the Croatian Chess Federation. India has four chess players under the age of 20 within the top 20 on the Chess Standard Top 100 ranking. Chess is both an ancient tradition and a modern trend in India.


Jazz maestro Zoran Majstorović will be responsible for the musical background, performing Indian Raga music on various string instruments, as music creates bridges among people without the need for a common language.

An evening of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda

To enhance human potential and lead a happier life, these traditional systems represent our most valuable tools.

"Bridging Science and Spirituality"

Science and spirituality connect microscopic and macroscopic reality, and try to make sense of human experience and physical reality. Science does it through intellect, experiment and the five senses, spirituality does it through intuition, experience and the sixth sense. As science makes people's lives more practical, it has a hard time making lives a blissful experience. That is why a bridge between "science and spirituality" is needed so that we can transform the human experience and improve peace, progress and prosperity on our planet.