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Blended courses

The Covid - 19 pandemic has disrupted the standard life flow of IUC courses and conferences. However, as soon as it was possible to travel again, IUC course directors have started with blended courses. Some participants are physically in Dubrovnik while others connect through onilne communication channels.  Some participants even came to the IUC aware that they would have to undergo a two-week quarantine upon returning to their home country.

The firts IUC blended course was International and Maritime Transport Law from 7 to 9 September. Presentations and some video lectures are available on course web page.

Majority of fall IUC courses would be held in this way:

Identity of Europe (14 - 18 September) 

Moral Communication (15- 18 September)

The IXth International Conference on the Sanskrit Epics and Puranas (20-27 September)

Logic and Applications (21 - 25 September) 

Information Technology and Journalism (28 September - 2 October)


The IUC is encouraging course directors to record lectures and in the cases when that is possible, they would be made available upon editing on IUC web pages. 

Gallery from IUC blended programmes