no picture 14 March 2014

Academic programme brochure 2014

Academic programme 2014
no picture 19 October 2013

Meeting of the IUC Executive Committee

On the 12 October the IUC Executive Committee held its meeting
no picture 19 February 2013


IUC invites students to gain the work experience in the international academic settings through the internship in the office of the IUC
no picture 13 November 2012

The IUC has new equipment in the computer room

Thanks to the donation of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) that provided financial support for organising the IUC Practical Course on Bioinformatics for the Bench Biologists that was held from 3 to 8 September 2012, the IUC has renewed its computer lab. Computers were provided for the mentioned course and remain at the IUC for other IUC participants, while the IUC governance hopes that they again will be used for the future FEBS programmes.

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