no picture 24 July 2015

The announcement of the 9th International Research Workshop - Methods for Ph.D

IUC partners are setting up a workshop on Methods for Ph.D, to be held at the Akademie Sankelmark near Flensburg and the University of southern Denmark in Sonderburg from 27 September to 2 October 2015.
no picture 27 April 2015

Professor Ante Pažanin has died

Professor Ante Pažanin, one of the pioneers in the establishment and operation of the IUC has passed away.
no picture 17 April 2015

IUC marked 100th birthday of its initiatior and one of the founders, prof. Ivan Supek

Within Philosophy of Science course the IUC rememberd Prof. Ivan Supek
no picture 4 February 2015

Academic programme brochure 2015

Academic programme 2015
no picture 7 January 2015


IUC invites students to gain the work experience in the international academic settings through the internship in the office of the IUC

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