11 November 2015   print this page
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On Sunday, 8 November, at the age of 64 Kirsten Weber passed away.

Kirsten Weber was a professor of pedagogy, education and life-long learning at the Department of Psychology and Educational Studies at Roskilde University, Denmark. She was engaged in number of projects and published numerous papers in scientific journals.

She was from late 1980’s strongly engaged in Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik. Among her strongest engagements was the initiative to develop the International Study Group for Psycho-societal Analysis – SQUID, as a synergy between her academic interests in psycho-societal approaches and critical theory, and a belief in the broader political and cultural mission of the IUC. This conference is still a very successful part of the IUC academic programme.

From 2007 to 2010 Prof. Weber was a member and a Chair of the IUC Executive Committee and she initiated and implemented new ideas for the promotion of the IUC. Kirsten Weber will be remembered as an intellectual who worked with dedication and a lot of energy and she will be missed.

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