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Professor Ante Pažanin has died. Born in Vinišće near Trogir in 1930, he passed away in Zagreb on 28 March 2015. Professor Pažanin is remembered as one of the pioneers in the establishment and operations of the IUC. He served as Deputy Director General of the IUC in the period 1973-77, taking special care in the formation of a strong and viable relationship between the IUC and its host institution, the University of Zagreb. Throughout the entire life of the IUC up to the recent years, he has played a decisive role in directing a number of IUC courses and conferences within his scholarly domains in philosophy, where he contributed to the debates of phenomenology and Marxism, practical philosophy, ethics, and modern historical thinking. He has written a dozen books, in several languages, and has produced a great number of articles. He served two periods as Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Zagreb.

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