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This September two courses were organised at the IUC by World Academy of Arts and Sciences (WAAS) and World University Consortium. Course directors of these programmes decided to bring an additional value to their programme, by recording the lectures and making them available to the wider audience.

The course on "Individual Accomplishment, Growth and the Character of Life in Management, History, Literature and Psychology" explored the role of the individual in the development of society. Lectures of WAAS Fellows and can be found on thees links:

- Janani Harish

. Garry Jacobs

- Ljudmila Popovich

- Alberto Zucconi

The course "Toward a Transdisciplinary Science of Society" was a creative endeavor to look beyond the boundaries fixed by existing concepts, theories and disciplines in an effort to make more explicit the linkages and interdependancies between different fields of social activity, to develop common terminology, to identify common underlying social processes applicable to all fields and levels of society and to examine requirements for evolving a trans-disciplinary science of society. Lectures of following WAAS Fellows can be found here:

- Zbigniew Bochniarz

- Janani Harish

- Garry Jacobs

- Ian Johnson

- Winston Nagan

- Roberto Poli

- Ivo Šlaus

- Alberto Zucconi

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