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Good friends and faithful supporters of the IUC have passed away in Santa Barbara, California. Olivia Foster Allaway (89) died unexpectedly in her sleep on 12 June 2014, and William Harris Allaway (90) passed away on 15 June 2014 while in hospice care. Rich lives had come to an end.

Bill was one of the founders of the IUC in Dubrovnik. He was a friend of Ivan Supek, who brought him into the IUC project. Throughout thirty years he made frequent visits to Dubrovnik, often accompanied by Olivia and sometimes by daughter Eve and sons Ben and Bill jr. He served as member of the Executive Committee of the IUC, as course and conference director, and moreover, he generously shared his wisdom and moderation in so many of the turbulent situations that the IUC had to live through.

At his home base in Santa Barbara, he developed and directed the University of California Education Abroad Program, the largest undergraduate study abroad program in the world, with well-organized programs and groups of UC students in nearly half a hundred universities all over the world.

Through his many roles in organizations serving higher education nationally and internationally he became an engaged ambassador also for the IUC, bringing many universities and other scientific institutions into the membership of the Centre and encouraging students and professors to take part in IUC events.

People like Bill made the IUC project succeed, develop and remain alive in spite of many obstacles. It was great to have him and Olivia as friends and supporters.

Berta Dragičević and Ørjar Øyen

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