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Dear course director, resource person or participant

In 2009 the Executive Committee of the Inter University Centre has initiated a number of changes which we hope we shall all benefit from

- The INTER UNIVERSITY CENTRE homepage at www.iuc.hr has been revised and up-dated. The homepage now figures as an everyday tool in course directors’ and participants’ communication with academic and organizational staff in all IUC matters. Be it inside your own university, nationally, internationally or corresponding with Croatian universities: how to go about organizing a course, how to book accommodation, an over-view of facilities and how to contact the secretariat - all such information is now directly available. Likewise the full academic programme.

Please note: New courses, seminars or conferences can now be announced all year round, awaiting the acceptance of the Director General (professor, dr. Krunoslav Pisk and the Executive Committee) and respecting practical matters: distribution of lecture rooms and secretariat work-load. Still: a more flexible procedure is now available.

The homepage will be subject to current updates. If - as a user - you have suggestions for further improvement, do not hesitate to contact the IUC.

- The annual Inter University Centre “grand poster” - with its well-known lay-out and the full academic programme - has had a twin in the shape of an illustrated poster demonstrating the facilities of the Centre and the culturally valuable surroundings. The new illustrated poster shows the www.iuc.hr address - where the full academic program is available (cf. above).

The twin poster system will continue through 2010 and it will be evaluated. Both posters have been sent to IUC course and conference directors.

- An INTER UNIVERSITY CENTRE illustrated brochure, comprising a brief history of the IUC, an overview of the governing bodies and member universities as well as current academic events has been produced. The brochure will be distributed in everyday life within the IUC, but it can also be requested from the IUC in case it is needed to, along with the homepage, to inform universities, funding bodies or new colleagues about the wide opportunities offered by the IUC. Please find the .PDF version of the brochure attached to this newsletter.

- FRAGMENTS OF MEMORIES of Life and Work at Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik 1971-2007 is a beautiful volume, edited by General Secretary of the IUC Berta Dragicevic and an honorary member of the IUC, Professor Ørjar Øyen from University of Bergen, Norway (former longstanding Chairman of the IUC Council and Director General). This book is not the history of an institution, although the IUC might well deserve it - this book is much more than that: it comprises a number of personal experiences in and around the IUC from the 1970'ies onwards, indeed pointing to future development of this intercultural setting. The book may be requested at the IUC Secretariat. A .pdf format may also be found on this web pages under the “IUC publications”.

- During recent years the University of Dubrovnik - had established itself as a regionally central educational and research setting. Collaboration between the Inter University Centre and the University of Dubrovnik has been accentuated by meetings between vice-rector, professor, dr Vedran Batoš and the Executive Committee. Staff and students from the University of Dubrovnik will receive special offers for relevant IUC courses, and bi-lateral connections between IUC member universities and the UofD are welcomed. Please visit the University of Dubrovnik homepage and contact professor Pisk at the IUC for a well organized meeting with the neighbour university.

Professor Kirsten Weber

Chair of IUC Executive Committee

Roskilde University

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