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Keynote speakers of the programme were Prof. Dr. Lina Kashyap, Dean of Educational programs of the TATA Institute in Mumbai with the lecutre „21st Century Challenges in SW Education“ and Prof. Dr. Lennart Norreklit from the University of Aalborg with the lecture „The Nature of Love and the Good Life - The condition of social life and human happines“.

In 1985 Prof. Dr. Dada Maglajlić in Zagreb, at the World Congress of Victimology, met Prof.Dr. Burt Galaway from University of Minnesota. As Director of Ph. D. Program Dr. Galaway was interested in developing within the IUC a set of courses related to SW theory and Practice. It took two years to design the program which was initiated in 1987, after formal approach to International Association of Schools of SW and International Federation of Social Workers. Both organizations provided active support and Dr. Vera Mehta, Secretary General of the IASSW actively participated in the Course SW and Spirituality. First three courses were offered as part of the academic year 1989/90! Fourth course was added a year later and throughout the period 1990 - 1996 course directors worked diligently to preserve the program returning promptly to Dubrovnik after the siege, as well as staging different courses in Budapest, Zagreb, Brijuni Islands, Seattle and Philadelphia. In 1997 the course series returned to Dubrovnik with five different courses adding a new course every two years. The original plan was to offer a set of eight courses staying open and flexible regarding growth and transformation related to each section of the overall programme.

For the programme of the 20th Anniversary, each of the eight courses staged half-a-day symposium following the sequence how courses have been introduced:

1. SW and Spirituality,

2. SW with Children and Youth,

3. Developing Neighborhood and Community Support Systems (introduced after offering Course Foster Care as an Alternative to Institutional Care for four years),

4. SW and Social Policies (introduced after we discontinued course SW and Social Welfare in the Nordic Countries),

5. SW with Juvenile Offenders,

6. SW Theories and Methodologies,

7. SW and Clinical Interventions, and

8. SW and Deinstitutionalization.

Great reunion attracted almost 100 long-term associates and a small group of new participants from over 20 countries and four regions of the world. Over the past 10 years Prof. Dr. Burt Galaway kept association with the Course Developing Neighborhood and Community Support Systems unfortunately less and less able to travel to Dubrovnik. Prof.Dr. Dada M. Maglajlić served as School Organizing Director, Founder and Editor of the IUC Journal of SW Theory and Practice.

Conference provided very fine opportunity to transfer honor to new Organizing Director Prof. Dr. Vito Flaker from the School of SW, University of Ljubljana and Dr. Vera Grebenc from the same school, who will serve as Associate Director. There will be two year transition period during which Prof.Dr. Maglajlić will help edit the Journal as well as offer practical help to new course directors.

Prof. Dr. Dada M. Maglajlić

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