9 May 2006   print this page
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Acting on a recommendation by the IUC Executive Committee meeting in Dubrovnik on 22 April 2006, the Chair of Council, Dr Istvn Tepln (Central European University, Budapest), has appointed Dr Krunoslav Pisk as Director General of the Inter-University Centre. The appointment is effective from the time of the resignation of the last Director General and incorporates the period during which Dr Pisk has served as Acting Director General. Dr Pisk will serve until the next meeting of IUC Council.

Dr Pisk is a scientific advisor at the Ruđer Boković Institute in Zagreb. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Zagreb 1977. His scientific work involves photon-atom interaction (Compton scattering, double ionisation), discrete space and time dynamics, neutrino physics, simulation of quantum systems. He was Director of the Ruđer Boković Institute (1987-94), he is President of the IUC Association (1998-), Head of the E-School Section of the HPD (1998-), and President of the Scientific Council of the Ruđer Boković Institute (1999-2004). He is Member of the European Academy of Art and Science, Salzburg, and Professor of postgraduate studies in physics, University of Zagreb.

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