8 May 2006   print this page
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The course Future of Religion is among the most successful programme series organised at the Inter-University Centre. As the course directors and participants mt in Dubrovnik in April of 2006, it was time to celebrate the 30th Anniversary.

Thanks to the highly devoted organisers, especially Professor Rudolf Siebert (Western Michigan University, USA), the course has been in session every single year, even when war and destruction marred the existence of the IUC. Thus, in 1992, when the building in Dubrovnik lay in ruins, the course was held on the ferry travelling between Rijeka and Dubrovnik and in Hotel Argentina, Dubrovnik.

Throughout the 30 years, the course has attracted scholars and students from all over the world. Each annual session has been devoted to a particular sub-theme. This year's course turned its attention to the theme From War to Peace among the Civilizations.

Course programmes for Future of Religion in the coming years will turn the attention to the themes From the Jus Talionis to the Golden Rule (2007) and The Totally Other, Liberation, and the Rescue of the Hopeless (2008).

Under the editorship of Professor Michael Ott (Grand Valley State University, USA), a volume containing presentations of the last five years is being prepared for publication.

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