14 January 2004   print this page
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Two books published by Dubrovnik University Press have been introduced to the Dubrovnik community:

Miroslav Bertoa: Istra, Jadran, Sredozemlje Identiteti i imaginariji.

Ferenc Fejto: Sentimentalno putovanje.

On 19 December 2003, Professor Ivo Banac (IUC Director General), Mr. Nenad Popovic (Director of Durieux Press), Dr. Miroslav Bertoa, and Mr. Miljenko Foretic, who wrote the introduction to Fejtos book, presented the two publications.

Professor Banac expressed great satifaction with the appearance of the first publications of the Dubrovnik University Press/Durieux joint project (see news item of 21 November 2003) and also expressed the hope that new books will soon follow.

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