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Professor Henrik Birnbaum (1925-2002), eminent scholar of Slavic languages and literatures, was a very close friend and staunch supporter of the IUC from its very beginning. He was a long-standing member of the IUC's Executive Committee and Honorary Member of the IUC.

Professor Birnbaum donated important library holdings to the IUC library.

Recently, Slavica Publishers, a small American publisher at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, thanks to permission from Marianna Birnbaum, made two of Henrik Birnbaum's earlier works in Slavic linguistics available online in .pdf format and free of charge on the website:

Recent Advances in the Reconstruction of Common Slavic

Common Slavic: Progress and Problems in its Reconstruction

Slavica Publisher has now made another one of Henrik Birnbaum's work available:

Lord Novgorod the Great: Essays in the History and Culture of a Medieval City-State

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