17 October 2017

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The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mr. Mato Franković, with his Deputy Mayor, Ms. Jelka Tepšić and associates received on Friday, 13 October 2017 representatives of Inter-university Centre Dubrovnik. IUC representatives that attended the meeting were: Prof. Sigmund Grønmo, Chair of the Council, Prof. Krunoslav Pisk, Director General, Prof. Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund, Chair of Executive Committee, Prof. Hrvoje Kraljević and Prof. Hans Joachim Seitz, members of the Executive Committee, Hans Egil Offerdal, Auditor and Nada Bruer Ljubišić, Executive Secretary.

IUC representatives thanked the city government for the continuous following of their programmes and expressed support for the work of this independent centre for advanced studies. They also emphasised the historical role of the City of Dubrovnik in establishment of the IUC. They have presented their plans and future work programme and stressed that the role of Dubrovnik and IUC in developing academic and scientific projects that relate to the Mediterranean area. IUC representatives also emphasised that the continuation of cooperation with University of Dubrovnik and help in developing the internationalisation of the University is one of their goals.

Mayor Franković expressed that Inter-University Centre is an inevitable part of the city’s academic community and as such, it would always have a significant support from the City of Dubrovnik. He emphasised the construction project of Student’s dormitory as the key infrastructural project in development of Dubrovnik as an university centre, attractive for the domestic and international students alike.

Mayor also mentioned that the City would like to encourage the development of congress tourism and support scientific projects, through intensifying congresses and scientific events that are more often organised in the city of Dubrovnik. The City administration would also try to find the modality to offer "Dubrovnik Student card" not only to domestic, but also foreign students, taking part in IUC programmes.

IUC and city representatives talked also about the possibilities of cooperation in different projects which will be intensified in the following period.


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