3 July 2017

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World Academy of Art and Sciences, World University Consortium and Roma Tre are announcing the 2nd International conference on Future Education: "Effective Learning in an Age of Increasing Speed, Complexity and Uncertainty, to be held in Rome, 16-18 November 2017. The conference is being conducted in collaboration with Inter-University Centre, the International Association of University Presidents and other partner co-organisers.

This conference is designed to serve as an open, active platform for participants to share, collaborate and co-create new ideas, approaches, methodologies and best practices. The multi-stakeholder approach and structure of the conference will make it possible for participants to organize or participate in special sessions dedicated to in-depth exploration of specific topics ranging from subject content, pedagogy and learning technologies to social and economic impact on issues such as employment, skills development, business development, innovation, social power, citizenship, cultural diversity, personal development and individuality.

We are inviting members of the academic community and faculty interested in the subject to attend. However, since the radical changes needed in the global system will only be made when the younger generation demands a major change this invitation includes a cross section of students, to share their aspirations for the future of higher education.

Conference page with more information and a registration link can be found HERE.

Brochure can be downloaded from the link below the picture, on the left part of the page.


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