Workshop of EWRS (European Weed Research Society) working group

16 – 17 May 2019   print this page

Course directors:

Edita Štefanić, University of Osijek, Croatia
Bärbel Gerowitt, University of Rostock, Germany

Course description:

The objective of the workshop is to discuss available methods among weed scientists and invasive plant biologists for cost-effective and ecollogicaly based management of undiserable plants. The forum of weed scientists, engineers and socio-economic scientist will create a fruitfull environment for discussion and further collaboration.

The workshop will be focused on:

• analysis of on-farm data on weed management, and evaluate economic risk of weed management strategies

• decision models and decision analysis; identify analyses and tools that will lead to cost-effective and sustainable management

• implementing economic threshold for applied weed management in various crops and regions