15 – 19 April 2019   print this page

Course directors:

Dunja Jutronić, University of Split, Croatia
Zvonimir Šikić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
James R. Brown, University of Toronto, Canada
David Davies, McGill University, Canada
Michel Ghins, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
James McAllister, University of Leiden, Netherlands
Joseph Berkovitz, University of Toronto, Canada
Flavia Padovani, Drexel University, Philadelphia, United States

Course description:

Advanced students are most welcome to follow the 2019 Philosophy of Science conference as a course. Please see the conference web page http://iuc.hr/conference-details.php?id=328 and contact one of the organizers in advance to make appropriate arrangements.

Emeritus directors:

Lars Bergstrom, Stockholm University, Sweden