Traininig in Supportive Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Psychosis

8 – 11 May 2019   print this page

Course directors:

Ivan Urlić, University of Split, Croatia
Slađana Štrkalj Ivezić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Bent Rosenbaum, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Course description:

We are orientated to psychodynamic understanding of persons suffering from psychosis. In addition, up to date clinical experience and research of the outcomes of supportive psychodynamic psychotherapy will be presented during the 24th School of Psychotherapy of Psychosis. We strongly encourage this kind of treatment for persons with psychosis and the participants will achieve knowledge to better understand psychosis in the frame of reference of psychodynamic theory, including characteristics of transference and countertransference reactions as well as skills to create a psychodynamic formulation in order to establish treatment alliance and start supportive psychodynamic psychotherapy with people with psychosis.

All interested colleagues and therapists that consider their approach informative are welcome to submit heir proposals until 10th April, 2019.