1 – 5 October 2018   print this page

Course directors:

Siniša Petrović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Jurica Šimurina, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Haris Boko, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, Zagreb, Croatia
James Ming Chen, University of Michigan, United States
Thorhild Widvey, Norway

Course description:

Quite infrequently technical, economic and legal experts come together to discuss energy, even though energy is codependent on regulatory framework, economic feasibility and technical viability. Moreover, energy has facilitated amalgamation of Europe, and it seems that under current turbulences, energy is once again the trailblazer of the European concept. For these reasons, we have initiated a roundtable that has become the School of Energy. The attached schedule will be followed by some readings. However, our discussions will be guided by our professional curiosity rather than fixed agenda, under the Chatham House Rule.